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"We're constantly trying to make sense of a huge amount of data from various systems and sources. Features like Blindsight's risk score are site-changing as they bring issues that need obvious attention to the forefront. It's like finding an insight in a data stack!"

Damien Drew

Works Management Lead, Sydney Trains

“Our business invests in purposeful technologies that provide greater safety and certainty for our people, our business, and our clients. We see Blindsight as a powerful tool that is enabling us to do just that.”

Rebecca Hanley

Laing O’Rourke Managing Director - Australia

"Blindsight has revolutionised the way we work. It has made our job much easier and safer. We can now identify potential risks and take proactive measures to mitigate them. This technology is a major turning point in safety and should be standard on every piece of high-risk mobile plant."

Nathan Mitschuinig

Select Business Unit Leader, Select Plant Australia

“Blindsight gives me video-based reporting and map locations which we can use for internal safety training. Operators like the simplicity of the in-cab alert system assisting them around their blind spots, and the fact that we can configure it to the specific machine and the work it’s doing.”

Leo Zuna

Safety Manager, BMD Constructions


Seeing is understanding

Get everyone on the same paperless page with visibility of all Blindsight detections automatically sent to the cloud.

Start high-level with a summary of your projects and then go deeper with individual vehicles.

Go granular with every detection. See comprehensive information, including video before, during, and after the detection, critical and alert zones, object(s) being detected, location, time and day, risk level, distance, and more.

Use these detections to see your risks and inform, educate, train, and understand.

Quantify your path to progress

Risk mitigation starts here.

Get access to the Blindsight Index — the first automatically generated lead safety metric for heavy industries. This simple yet powerful metric helps you understand your risk, where to focus attention, and benchmark your machines, sites, and company. The Blindsight Index establishes a baseline for risk, enabling you to track your progress over time.

It's the intelligence you need to kickstart improvement.

What's your
safety profile



Find the needle in the haystack

Not all risks are created equal. Inch closer to safety with Blindsight’s multiple detection zones and automated risk analysis.

Blindsight's automated risk analysis considers distance, rate of closure, and attention to find and flag high-risk scenarios.

Get ready to pinpoint the highest risk scenarios and mobilise your team towards what matters most.
We’re constantly trying to make sense of a huge amount of data from various systems and sources. Features like Blindsight’s risk score are site-changing as they bring issues that need obvious attention to the forefront. It’s like finding an insight in a data stack!
Damien Drew, Sydney Trains

Classify detections, fast

Navigating hundreds, let alone thousands, of detections is challenging. Don’t drown in data; add review mode to your tool belt.

Blindsight detections are distilled into crucial video clips featuring the before, during, and after of each detection, alongside timestamps, risk analysis and location, so you can efficiently categorise into ‘safe’ or ‘unsafe’. It’s that simple.

Plus, review mode provides transparency on reviewers, timing and any categorisations decisions.

Focus your efforts

Hit skip on figuring out what to do next. Get the Action Centre to work for you.

Relevant detections, required actions, summaries and issues are instantly served up with each login. Prefer email or SMS notifications? That’s an option too.

Start to identify trends

Visualise risk across your business, projects, and machines. Become a continuous learning organisation, using data to inform company-wide operations initiatives and strategies.

Make your data meaningful

Share Blindsight detections seamlessly with your teams or integrate with your data warehouse using the Blindsight API. Your data, your way.

See clearer, learn faster

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