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Presien’s AI vision solutions are designed for heavy industries. We turn inputs into intelligence so your business can see the path to progress.

Current processes and metrics don’t adequately capture the true picture of dynamic workplace environments. Armed with the power of AI vision, you’ll see what your team is doing well and where it can improve.

See clearly, with Presien.

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Leader for AI vision for heavy industry

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>100k hours

Over 100,000 hours of development and curation to ensure reliable detection.

140+ years

Over 140 years of team experience spanning heavy industry, technology, AI vision, and related fields.

About Presien

Presien has deep domain expertise in heavy industries, technology, AI vision, and machine learning.

We know that AI is only as good as its training data, so we’ve invested hundreds of thousands of hours in R&D to ensure real-world performance - and we’re constantly improving.

Presien is backed by leading investment firms Main Sequence Ventures, Commencer Capital, Taronga Ventures, IQT and Flying Fox Ventures. Our technology has been recognised with more than ten industry awards since launch across deep tech, innovation, safety and more.
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"We're constantly trying to make sense of a huge amount of data from various systems and sources. Features like Blindsight's risk score are site-changing as they bring issues that need obvious attention to the forefront. It's like finding an insight in a data stack!"
Works Management Lead, Sydney Trains
“Our business invests in purposeful technologies that provide greater safety and certainty for our people, our business, and our clients. We see Blindsight as a powerful tool that is enabling us to do just that.”
Laing O’Rourke Managing Director - Australia
"Blindsight has revolutionised the way we work. It has made our job much easier and safer. We can now identify potential risks and take proactive measures to mitigate them. This technology is a major turning point in safety and should be standard on every piece of high-risk mobile plant."
Select Business Unit Leader, Select Plant Australia
“Blindsight gives me video-based reporting and map locations which we can use for internal safety training. Operators like the simplicity of the in-cab alert system assisting them around their blind spots, and the fact that we can configure it to the specific machine and the work it’s doing.”
Safety Manager, BMD Constructions

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Empower your team with smart insights that lift the standards of heavy industry. From safety, productivity and quality, we can build insights that change lives.