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Partnering with Presien unlocks access to deep expertise in AI systems development – from hardware, software and cloud – to accelerate innovation for your business across a wide range of heavy industry use cases and applications.
  • 140+ years of combined team experience across heavy industry tech, AI vision and related fields.
  • 11 PhDs in relevant research fields such as machine learning, computer vision and robotics.
  • 100,000 hours of development and curation to ensure reliable detections.



Why partner with us?

We’re connecting with partners who are passionate about revolutionising heavy industry to create safer, productive and smarter working environments using advanced AI vision technology and capabilities.

Real problems at scale, solved.

Working with leading construction companies with deep industry knowledge and expertise to solve the biggest problems in heavy industry. We have won a few awards too.

Speed to market.

Presien's proven AI vision systems are ready to deploy to test and build ideas quickly, in weeks not months.

AI expertise as a service.

With thousands of proven systems deployed and leveraging our lake of training data and custom AI model is now a possibility.

Out of the box system designed to plug and play.

End-to-end capability – from hardware, AI models and cloud – the Presien solution is modular and is designed to supercharge business growth.

Flexible revenue model.

Get your hands on advanced technology paired with recurring revenue model to improve customer intimacy and increases overall company value.

Partners Program

Different ways to partner with us

OEM Partner

OEM Partners, building the machines that move the world, leverage Presien’s technical capabilities. Integrate, white-label, and embed part or all of our AI products into existing and future product offerings.

Hardware Partner

Hardware technology partners offer hardware solutions integrated with Presien AI to accelerate innovation in heavy industry. Together we identify opportunities with global reach and the industry changing benefits of AI vision systems.

Software Partner

Software partners offer industry leading enterprise software platforms that integrate Presien's analytics and insights. Together we deliver new operational context and enterprise value.

Channel Partner

Channel Partner market and sell Presien products and technologies to a market segment, in addition to providing complementary value-added solutions and/or services to their clients

System Integrator

System Integrators are businesses who are able to provide the highest level of technical support, implementation, and co-dev services to current and prospective Presien customers.

Industry Partner

Presien partners with organisations and associations to move the industry forward. We promote data security and privacy best practices, regionally and globally, and play a central role in promoting safety and safety solutions that work for our industry

“When you integrate with Presien you're accessing more than just our AI vision. We bring our tech to the table, a deep on-the-ground understanding of industrial operations, and a drive to power workplaces to continuously improve. A partnership with Presien is progress for you and your customers.”

Mark Richards, CEO, Presien

Plug & Play



Presien’s proprietary safety technology detects, alerts and reports plant and people interactions and near-misses on any dynamic industrial worksites. Blindsight is a modular offering that enables you to bring some or all of our health and safety solutions to your customers.

AI models

Presien has a growing library of high accuracy AI models that have been field tested in thousands of deployed Blindsight systems. Partners can leverage our AI models and detection pipeline to build their own AI product to market.

Analytics & insights

Additional value of Presien's AI is found in the analytics and insights. Our analytics and Insights capabilities can be integrated into any cloud based platforms via APIs and integrated automation workflow tools.

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