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How much is worksite safety costing your team?

Our advanced AI analytics gives you insights on what to improve and where.

Blindsight brings everyone on the same page quickly

Blindsight is a complete safety solution for the most dynamic industrial environments. Built on our industry-leading AI vision, Blindsight detects, alerts and informs your team on high-risk interactions that matter most. From operator alerts and data for your daily toolbox reporting to worksite safety benchmarking, Blindsight allows your team to course-correct behaviours swiftly. 

Worksites are safer with Blindsight.
Why Blindsight

The new safety standard in heavy industry

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Protect your workers.

Prevent people and plant interactions, the leading cause of serious and fatal workplace accidents, from impacting your people and business.

Let your operators see where they can’t see.

From wheeled loaders and excavators to telehandlers, Blindsight gives operators extra visibility on what they can’t normally see with a sensor and alert system powered by smart AI analytics.

Streamline health and safety operational workflows.

Health and safety officers have access to all data and insights captured via the cloud, including automated reports and videos, to compare risk across sites and equipment to justify interventions.

Lead safety metrics with the Blindsight Index.

The Blindsight Index helps you baseline your safety metrics so that you can analyse trends in behaviours and track progress over time.

Bolster your reputation as the industry leader in worksite safety.

Hazardous and undetected risk is the number one cause of fatality and injury in civil construction and heavy industries. With Blindsight, you have access to industry-leading AI capabilities that can unlock new ways to strategically scale safety operations across regions, projects and work areas.

Benchmark safety standards and become a data-led learning organisation.

Increase situational awareness with real, tangible insights. Blindsight automatically captures 30-second footage of before, during and after all incidents you've pre-defined, including near misses, so that you can learn from each scenario and improve.

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Features of Blindsight

Make worksite safety a non-negotiable

Real-time alerts.

Blindsight alerts operators and people around the machine to increase situational awareness and reduce incidents.

Automated video of every detection.

Blindsight automatically provides video of every detection and near-miss.

Detect what matters.

Blindsight detects people, vehicles, and cones without requiring physical tags or markers, so that you can protect your most valuable assets.

Detailed insights and analytics.

Quickly review and share detections, see your safety dashboards and trends, create Toolbox talk packages, and more with the Blindsight web console.

Lead safety metrics.

Set a baseline and monitor progress across individual machines, projects, and companies with the Blindsight Index.


Easy-to-use web app to streamline health and safety reporting and workflows for your daily toolbox talk and on-site inspections.

The lead safety metric
The lead safety metric
Understand your risk. Say hello to lead indicators.

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We have been leading the industry for over 4 years

2021 Australian Technologies Competition winner
2021 Construction Startup Competition
2021 InnovationAus Awards winner
2021 MTIA Safety Awards
2021 The Australian Top 100 Innovators
2020 Hunter Valley Safety Awards
2020 Cemex Ventures Top 50 Contech Start ups
2020 Tech23 Deeptech Festival
2019 Australasian Rail Industry Awards
2019 Ken Erickson Innovation Award
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