The Blindsight Index and benchmarking safety with AI vision

The Blindsight Index and benchmarking safety with AI vision

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It’s estimated that there’s around 374 million work accidents each year. That’s a lot of time, money, productivity and most tragically of all, livelihoods and lives lost. But AI vision is revolutionising safety benchmarks across the board. And that’s good news for heavy industry which contributes disproportionally to these concerning safety figures.

Developed for use in heavy industries, the Blindsight Index makes it easy to benchmark safety standards with AI vision, taking an innovative approach to enhance OH&S measures and mitigate risk.

Understanding the Blindsight Index

The Blindsight Index is an advanced framework that uses AI vision to assess and benchmark safety in real-time. 

Inspired by the phenomenon of blindsight in humans (where the brain can tell where an object is even though the person can’t see it), the Blindsight index enables mobile plant, heavy vehicles and machinery to ‘see’ potential hazards and detect safety issues that might not be immediately apparent to human spotters. 

Safety in heavy industries is usually measured using lag indicators such as the Accident Frequency Rate (AFR) or similar. Not only is it difficult to collect this data manually—and then find a way to interpret it in a way that’s meaningful—but it also blurs the line between minor incidents and serious or fatal accidents. 

This is where the Blindsight Index is changing things. It provides an automated and quantitative safety metric that works in real-time to benchmark safety standards. 

Specifically developed for heavy industry, the Blindsight Index leverages AI vision so organisations can be proactive in identifying risks and addressing safety concerns before a serious incident happens. In fact, the Blindsight Index has the capability to calculate the number of near-misses per machine per hour, providing a clear picture of what matters most to ensure the safety of your workers, your equipment and your site.

Benchmarking safety standards

Safety benchmarking is where an organisation compares safety processes to learn how to reduce accidents, ill health, improve compliance and cut compliance costs. Through the use of AI vision, the Blindsight Index makes this process easy through:

  • Automated data collection including video recordings of near-misses and potentially hazardous incidents in real-time. 
  • Pre-trained modelling allowing Blindsight to accurately identify and classify safety-related objects and potential hazards as soon as it’s installed onsite. 
  • Differentiation and prioritisation of high risk near-miss scenarios.
  • Real-time monitoring that generates real-time alerts to operators and relevant personnel when safety violations or hazardous situations are detected.
  • Continuous Improvement as the model continuously learns and is better able to recognise unsafe situations specific to your organisation or worksite. 

Enhancing workplace safety

No matter what industry you’re in, we can all (hopefully!) agree that workplace safety should be at the top of a company’s agenda. 

The Blindsight Index takes safety to new heights by using AI vision to continuously monitor the work environment. Using cameras and sophisticated algorithms to detect potential hazards, like near-misses, unsafe behaviour or hazardous situations, the Blindsight Index ensures prompt intervention. This in turn prevents accidents and promotes a safer work environment. With automated reporting, the Blindsight index allows heavy industry to benchmark safety across work activities, machine types, sites and also against global peers.

The future of the Blindsight Index and benchmarking safety standards with AI

As AI vision continues to evolve, we can expect even more accurate and sophisticated safety benchmarks. Advancements in machine learning will enable the Blindsight Index to learn from real-world scenarios, adapt to new safety challenges, and further refine its predictive capabilities.

The Blindsight Index is at the forefront of using AI vision to enhance safety benchmarks for heavy industry. By enabling machines to not only ‘see’ but to analyse potential hazards, this innovative technology makes it easy to implement proactive safety standards, fostering a safer environment for everyone on your site. 

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