Revolutionising risk reporting with insights dashboards

Revolutionising risk reporting with insights dashboards

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Angela Catalan

Traditional methods of risk reporting and analysis in heavy industry often fall short in providing real-time, actionable information. But in today’s tech driven world, there’s no reason why we can’t innovate our way into finding solutions to enhance safety, efficiency, and productivity in heavy industry.

With advancements in AI Vision, heavy industries now have access to a powerful toolset that helps to transform raw data into valuable insights. AI Vision along with insights dashboards are reshaping risk reporting—making data useful so you can keep worksites safe. 

AI Vision: Enhancing Perception

AI Vision empowers machines to ‘see’ and interpret visual data, much like the human eye—only more powerfully and without bias or distraction. In heavy industries, where physical infrastructure and machinery are critical, AI vision like Blindsight can capture, analyse, and understand visual information. 

Blindsight stops accidents from happening by alerting vehicle operators and the people around them to objects in blind spots. It automates health and safety reporting, including video. This technology allows for real-time monitoring of heavy equipment, detecting anomalies, and identifying potential risks before they escalate. It ensures that near-misses and unsafe behaviours or situations that are rarely reported with manual processes are automatically captured and recorded. 

The insights dashboard

Once the AI vision captures potentially dangerous situations, behaviours and near misses, it automatically sends them through to the insights dashboard—transforming this data into real-time, dynamic metrics that allows you to: 

  • Understand specific risks to your worksite
  • Identify areas of your site or business that need more attention when it comes to safety 
  • Benchmark safety across work activities, machine types, sites and against global peers
  • Form a baseline risk so you can see how a project tracks against it over time

The insights dashboard and automated reporting gives you a clear idea of what’s actually happening on the ground, right now. It means you can draw a meaningful picture from the data, registering potential risks before an accident happens. 

The best part is, the insights dashboard automates this all for you so you don’t need to manually track and calculate your risk score. Safety personnel are then able to transform these safety metrics into meaningful action, making your workplace safer and more productive.

How AI Vision risk reporting and the insights dashboard makes data useful

Real-time risk monitoring: By integrating AI vision into risk reporting and insights dashboards, heavy industries can achieve real-time monitoring of operations. Blindsight is pre-trained so it can automatically record and collect data from wherever it is installed to identify potential risks or deviations from normal operations.

Safety optimisation: Safety is paramount in heavy industries, and AI-powered risk reporting and insights dashboards play a crucial role in enhancing safety protocols. AI vision can monitor workers' activities, detect unsafe behaviours or potential hazards, and alert machine operators and supervisors in real-time. This in turn enables immediate intervention to mitigate risks. 

Data-driven decision making: AI vision generates vast amounts of automated data and videos which is transformed by the insights dashboard into:

  • Baselines for current safety performance
  • Automated filtering of near-misses
  • Comparisons of risk and safety across different equipment types, sites, operating times, subcontractors
  • Evaluation of current health and safety programs, manual reporting systems, interventions and trials
  • Justifications for health and safety interventions and spending

Unleashing the potential of AI Vision and insight dashboards

As heavy industries continue to embrace digital transformation, the integration of AI vision into risk reporting and insights dashboards will become increasingly vital. AI has emerged as a game-changer across various industries, and heavy industry will be no exception. 

By leveraging machine learning algorithms, AI will eventually be able to more effectively process and extract meaning from datasets it collects than any human can. The more Blindsight is used, the smarter it gets. By being a part of this process now, you’ll play a role in training the algorithm so it can best support your specific needs in the future. 

The way forward

AI vision technologies have ushered in a new era of risk reporting and insights in heavy industry. With their ability to provide real-time monitoring and comprehensive insights dashboards these technologies are revolutionising the way risks are managed and mitigated. 

By embracing the power of AI, heavy industry can achieve safer operations, optimise maintenance practices, and make data-driven decisions that drive efficiency and productivity to new heights. The future of risk reporting and insights dashboards in heavy industry is here, and it is powered by AI vision.

Request a demo to see how the Blindsight insights dashboard can transform risk reporting and help to make data useful.

April 11, 2024

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